p>span style="font-size: small; font-family: comic sans ms,sans-serif;">Prairie Creek Alpacas is located in northern Illinois in an area that was carved out by the glaciers when they came through thousands of years ago. As most people from northern Illinois can tell you, there are not many hills and valleys in this part of the state. However, in Bull Valley you will find a gently rolling, glaciated terrain, very serene and beautiful. This is the area that we made home in 2004. A few years earlier on a family vacation to Washington State, our family discovered alpacas. For Lauren, always an animal lover, it was love at first sight. After much research and visiting alpaca farms, Lauren convinced Mark that the country life with alpacas could be very enjoyable and a great lifestyle once the boys left for college. Mark did not need much convincing!/span>/p>p>span style="font-size: small; font-family: comic sans ms,sans-serif;">Being typical "suburbanites" we had neither livestock experience nor had lived on more than 1/3 acre of land. But when our twin boys, Bobby & Patrick headed off to college, we headed off to the farm. Once settled in to the farm with the family dog and cat, things began to change. Before too long, we found themselves with a herd of 14 alpacas, barn dogs Bear & Takoda, a horse (which had always been Lauren's dream) and chickens. Life on the farm is grand. The 40 x 60 ft barn became the boy's summer project between freshman and sophomore year of college. Never lifting more than a hammer or screwdriver before, Bobby & Patrick, under instructions from Mark built the barn. On the weekends and the evenings Mark would go over with them the steps for the following few days. It took the entire summer to build the barn but by the time the boys went back to school, the alpacas had a beautiful new barn to call home and Bobby & Patrick had a whole new skill set which carried over with them to today. Bobby now runs an organic farm with goats in the Northwest and Patrick is in sales with Morton Buildings in Colorado – designing and building barns and other agriculture buildings. So to say that the farm has had an impact on the entire family is an understatement. A few years back Prairie Creek Alpaca's herd grew to roughly 80 alpacas on the property but today is much more enjoyable and manageable with around 25./span>/p>